Graduate from HEAJ in Belgium in 3d animation and visual effects in 2005.

I’m a 3d artist generalist, focusing in character modeling, sculpting and texturing. I’m currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as the Creative/3D Art director at Studio Wa Vietnam, a Design studio specialized in creating 3d content for various industries such as industrial, scientific, educational, medical.

I’m also working as a freelance artist, specialising myself in digital sculpting and characters/creatures creation. Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries.



2006 – Present

Freelance 3d artist/Digital Sculptor
2016 – Present
Creative/3D art Director

Studio wa vietnam

My role as the Creative Director is:
-To deliver projects beyond client’s expectation
-In charge of the company’s image
-Provide artistic leadership and lead the creative team to drive the overall vision of the projects
-To develop and manage creative ideas
-Review and approve the work of the creative team and ensure they reach the expected artistic quality.
-To keep up with new creative technologies and analyze new trends and data.
-Build a learning environment within the art team and implement processes of artistic research.
-To be consulted for hiring new team member, projects scheduling and budgeting.
I’m also hands-on the job when needed as 3D art director of the company.
About Studio Wa Vietnam:
Studio Wa Vietnam is a Design studio specialized in creating 3d content for various industries such as industrial, scientific, educational, medical.
Our services includes VR, AR, Motion capture, 3d animation, real-time application and more.
The range of projects we have been working on are: training material for operational safety and efficiency, real-time application, virtual reality VR), augmented reality (AR), accident reconstitution,technical visualization, applications for museum and various theme park, product mode-of-action, assembly animation, outsourcing 3d modeling, animation and graphics.
2009 – 2016
Lead 3d artist

Studio wa vietnam

Work on full cg corporate video, accident simulation. Assets creation for applications (museum, aquarium…). Clients based in Japan.  
2008 – 2009
3d Art Director 
Follow the production, check the quality of the assets,training of the 3d team, business opportunities.    
2007 – 2008

3d artist

Fanatic film productions

3d artist generalist. Worked on the modelling, texturing, animation and compositing for advertising, corporate video, print,…using Maya, Zbrush, After effects


-3DsMax , ZBrush,VSubstance Painter,Vray, Mudbox, Photoshop, Keyshot, UVlayout, After effects  


Honors & Awards Top Row Gallery – Moebius Tribute

December 2016

3DTotal Excellence Award – Moebius Tribute

November 2016

Polycount Sketchbook Front page

November 2016

ZBrushCentral Top Row Gallery – Moebius Tribute

November 2016 honor

3DTotal Excellence Award – Burai Fighter Tribute

July 2016

Broccoli man – Daily Inspirations on

January 2016

3DTotal Excellence Award – Rhino

October 2015

Cg Arena excellence award

June 2013




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